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Trade with Crypto to Earn Great Profits

Have you got not idea about what trading with crypto is? Well, cryptocurrencies have been all around making too many headlines. The media draws a lot of attention to it. A lot of people make money while others lose money to it. However, with so much chaos and off lately crash of the crypto market, there is still chance that you can trade with crypto and earn profits. Here are some of the methods in which you can earn profit in crypto.


Scalping is a method of taking profits from the small market movements, by entering and leaving the market in a short time period, say a day or an hour. The aim is to make a lot of small successful trades. You don’t need to make high profits on every trade. The winning losing ratio is same. The best time to scalp is in the thin market where there is little to no volume.

Purchase the dip and hold

If you are a new trader, then buy a drop for any asset will be beneficial for you. When you pick a strong asset, then the price will definitely go back up. This strategy will help you earn as the market goes up. The cryptocurrency market is highly sensitive to news and headlines, hence when something goes wrong there is a panic sell. Thus, for a trader the perfect opportunity is to buy a cryptocurrency at an undervalued point.

Go with the trend

If you think that a particular trend will go on for long, then you should follow it. If the market is trending up, go for long. If it is falling, open shorts. Trend followers start trading after the trend has been predicted. This is known as position trading. There are a number of tools which can be put to use to enhance your profits and lower risks such as leverage, stop loss and marginal trading.

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Make investment in staking coins

The investment portfolio of traders is changing. People are diversifying their investments with gold, cryptocurrency and stocks. Staking coins are crypto assets which gel in will your diversification objective. You have to buy it, lock it and stake. It is somewhat same as mining, but rather than buying a costly hardware, you purchase crypto assets which you can easily get rid of. Some of the staking coins are DASH, Neo, COSMOS and Waves.

Choose tokenized crypto fund

If you want to make profit from all the things given above, without having to manage your portfolio actively, then tokenized crypto funds are the best.

They are investor capital handled by specialist investors who use several strategies to earn profits on all the capital in the fund. It is a win-win situation. Till now such funds weren’t available to crypto investors. But now things will change.

Currency.com is the world’s first regulated tokenized asset exchange. You can use crypto to trade tokenized assets. It has a secure wallet and crypto storage. So just go ahead and begin trading today.

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