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Identification of important biological systems

Measuring and evaluating properties of micro – structures are important in many biomedical fields. Fundamental proteins and neurons form an elemental array of systems that most animals cannot survive without. Therefore, their identification and characterization are part of the basic methods to deal with their corresponding diseases. Here is some information regarding several of these methods, as well as related diseases.

An Important Component in every Animal Cell

Nuclear Factor Kappa – light – chain – enhancer of activated B cells (NFKB) is a protein complex responsible for the transcription of DNA, production of cytokine and longevity of cells. It is found in nearly all animal cells and is a fundamental component of their systems. Poor regulation of NFKB is associated with conditions such as viral infection or septic shock.

A Method for Evaluating Particle Size

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is a technique used in physics and other fields to determine particle sizes. These include particles in suspensions or polymers in a particular solution. This method is useful for size determination of many small structures, such as proteins, carbohydrates, polymers, cells and many more.

Brain – Related diseases

Neurodegenerative disease are caused by loss of neuron structure and function in the brain. These eventually lead to cell death and cause numerous conditions to appear. These include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and many more. Since the process of neuron degeneration is irreversible, these diseases are considered incurable.

Important Services That every Laboratory Requires

Sometimes research groups and medical institutions have their hands full or do not have the funds to properly equip themselves. This is where Merkel Technologies comes in.

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The company offers many biotech research services for external groups; these include imaging, cell sorting, flow cytometry and more. They also provide renting services for groups in need of specific kinds of instruments but without the funds to purchase them.

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