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All You Need To know About Pendulum Slip Testing

You might have heard the term pendulum test, and you have wondered how it works, and how it can be beneficial to your business. Read below to find out.

Definition of Pendulum Test?

Pendulum test is used in assessing the friction that is given using a floor surface to a foot that comes into contact with the floor. It can be functional in measuring a potential slip of a wet, dry and flooring that is contaminated.

Uses of a Pendulum Test

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is recommended for a pendulum test. This is subject to a British Standard (BS 7976: Parts 1-3, 2002).

It is the test that is used in prosecution and enforcement.

Passing the pendulum test is one of the greatest ways an individual can prove to authorities, lawyers or insurance companies that there is provision for a safe floor environment. It is used in an individual’s protection if taken to court, and it helps in the prevention of claims from the beginning.

Standard sliders

Affirmative. Slider 96 and 95 are the two standard sliders that are known. An average pedestrian that wears a footwear is represented by Slider 96. A barefooted pedestrian is represented by Slider 55.

How is the test measured?

There is a pointer at the arm of a pendulum which shows the Pendulum Test Value (PTV).

Categories of slip-potential are:

  • 0-24 is high.
  • 25-35 is moderate
  • 36+ is low.

Meaning of the numbers.

The accident risk is approximately equated using the PTV.  For instance, an accident risk of 1 in 2 is given in a PTav of 19. An accident risk of 1 in 1,000,000 is given in a PTV of 36.

In environments that has a PTV of 36+ using both wet and dry conditions is useful as HSE benchmark. When your floor does not achieve 36+ there is an increase in liability of accident risk, defensibility is low. This may give room to a fine that is up to 100%  of annual profit. This is under the health and safety sentencing guidelines.

Workings of the Pendulum Test.

The operation of a pendulum test is by swinging an arm that sweeps over a floor area. There is a rubber slider at the end of the arm. It’s function is to strike and pass on the floor through a distance that is predetermined. Where the arm does not touch the floor when released, there is no friction, and it swings horizontally.

The arm is decelerated because of friction, which makes the swinging lesser when it strikes the floor.

In what places can it be measured?

Slip Testing can be done in almost any public place. Such as: malls, airports, trains, stadiums, office buildings and more

Why it is recommended to perform a Slip Risk Assessment

Slip Risk Assessment helps you identify and repair smooth surfaces, reduce slipping in public places and reduce mental injury. In addition this test can protect you in the courts.

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