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For many years now, being a farmer means being at the forefront of technology. No more Sisyphean work with horses and plows. Modern agriculture relies on developments from the high-tech world. Ranging from developments of engineered seeds, computerized irrigation, and in recent years also the entry of Drones into agriculture. Alpha Capital Institution UAVS fits well into this trend, and it is part of the company’s smart investment strategy. It has set itself the goal of investing in innovations that will shape the future.

Drones in the service of Agriculture

The old days agriculture was characterized by small farmers who own plots of land for their own use. Modern agriculture extends over vast portions of land. It is very difficult for a farmer to control what is happening in the whole area. He needs a drone to be his eyes from the air. An unmanned aerial vehicle will make accurate measurements of the area, photograph it using innovative equipment so that it is possible to detect the spread of problems in plants, measurement of height and density of growth and more. 

Drones are also used to spray an area that is not very large, instead of spray jets. Alpha Capital Institution UAVS investment in the field of drone’s developments and also in decoding the data that was gathered using advanced software. Alpha Capital Institution UAVS is part of this new world.

Saving costs

Agriculture is an area of ​​practice that requires a lot of manpower and working hands. It costs a lot of money that is hard to earn. The world needs cheap and accessible agricultural produce, accessible to the wide public.  

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One of the interesting developments is the pollination of trees using drones. There are plantations where pollination is done manually using a lot of manpower. An expensive and long process that is based on large scale manual labor. The solution is in drones. This is just one of many examples of the help of these wonderful airborne robots. Alpha Capital Institution UAVS is again a part of this magic called unmanned aerial vehicle.

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