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Teaching Art Journaling as Meditation Practice

How Art Journaling and Meditation Art Are Changing Lives

 For Rakefet Hadar, SoulPages

Over the past few years, art journaling with mixed media has become so popular that it often replaces traditional journaling. Many people rely on art journaling as an intentional way to get to know themselves better. Traditional meditation teachers are exploring ways to help people embark on a path to wholeness through art journaling. Rakefet Hadar, the founder of SoulPages, has been teaching visual art journaling for several years. Hadar describes the self-discovery process as, “Art is the ancient language of the soul, hiding inside, waiting to be revealed.”

Written vs Art Journaling

Written journals provide many benefits but not everyone enjoys the writing process. Others who may have journaled for years are looking for ways to bring new life to the process. Many newcomers to meditation art journaling get excited about the freedom to paint, draw, or doodle without judgment, in the safety of their own visual art journal. Due to the mixed media component of art journaling, it can often include a short written piece as well.

The Power of the Visual Journal

The power of visual journaling should not come as surprising. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more impact will it have if the pictures created are a result of your personal expression and inquiry? Visual art journaling shines its light on the hidden shadows of self-understanding. SoulPages trains mentors in an intuitive process where the metaphors of imagery are able to open up deeply buried resources for self-reflection.

Freedom from Judgment

To be fair, art journaling does not need to include a meditative intention. Many people are drawn to art journaling simply because it provides a judgment-free creative outlet. They find satisfaction in the collage or abstract work of mixed media by allowing themselves the freedom to immerse in something creative and often spontaneous. Yet, even when art journaling does not include an intention at the outset, every mark that’s made illustrates a quality of the soul. Flipping through the art journal can evoke a deep sense of satisfaction and connection to one’s inner self that often moves beyond words.

Credit: soul-pages.com 
Credit: soul-pages.com

Connection to the Psyche

When art journaling is combined with a personal inquiry or intention for greater insight, the psyche discovers an outlet for visualizing layers of consciousness. In an article published by Marilisa Lokna, Psyche’s Picturesque Journey: Exploring Visual Art Journaling as a Path to Individuation and Self-Discovery, she writes, “My practice of visual journaling has led me to awareness of myself and my psyche, or soul, and has revealed parts of myself that I never knew existed.

Expressive arts help to develop a greater sense of wholeness by allowing the emotions to move feelings out of the body.  In working with students across the globe, Hadar has witnessed over and over the deep satisfaction of her students as they begin to see their personal values emerge through the symbolism of art journaling. The conscious mind benefits from connecting to the hidden layers of the subconscious, making it easier to incorporate core values into daily living. 

Mindfulness meditation is just one body of knowledge that can be used to help access the inner psyche. SoulPages Mentor Training teaches multiple methods that when combined with the regular practice of visual art journaling, a person develops a relationship with their inner self, tuning in to how they experience and interact with the world in general. 

Are you interested in helping others cultivate their ability to look more deeply, with curiosity and acceptance, to gain visual support for healing and a greater sense of wholeness? If so, register for our next SoulPages Mentor Training today! 

Images Credit: soul-pages.com

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