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Why No Particular Diet Is a Weight Loss Solution According to Ido Fishman?

Ido Fishman Personal Trainer

There was a time when you could draw a fine line between fitness and diets. Diets were not all about fitness back then. If you wanted to be fit, you had to start exercising. Today, physical trainers seem to be the biggest proponents of certain diets. Whenever you join a fitness gym or subscribe to a physical training course of a famous physical trainer, you are told about a particular diet to follow. What makes people’s lives difficult is the fact that there are now hundreds of diets that you can pick from. There is a reason why diet has turned form a way of living to an industry.

A famous fitness expert, Ido Fishman, has a completely different yet neutral take on diets. According to him, no one diet is a solution to your problems. Since most people go on diets to lose weight, he believes they are making a mistake by doing so. He holds a strong stance on diets and weight loss wherein he thinks diets are not for losing weight. To lose weight, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle which could be a combination of many different famous diets or a schedule that includes none of them at all.

Let’s look into many different types of diets and see what Ido Fishman has to say about each. After you have read his views about diets and fitness, you will surely be able to make a well-informed decision about your lifestyle.

The Famous Diets and Their Shortcomings

·         The Paleo Diet

It is one of the most famous diets around the world, and one followed by millions of people. You will find people who swear by it and its benefits. However, you will also find people who think this diet did nothing for them. However, you do not have to get into this fight of who is right and who is wrong. What you have to know is if the diet is enough for you to keep a healthy lifestyle.

If you have not read the details of this diet before, you will be surprised to know some facts. So, this diet is all about being the humans that we were before modernization was not even a concept. Paleo stands as a short form of Paleolithic, which is the time that starts nearly 2.5 million years ago. Yes, you are going to mimic the diet of the people who used to live 2.5 million years ago on earth. The idea is to eat only the foods that you can naturally find around you. Of course, people from that time did not have any food processing techniques or similar methods to prepare their meals.

They would hunt animals, cut plants, climb trees, and pull roots out of the ground to prepare their meals. That’s exactly what you are supposed to do on this diet. The more important thing about this diet is that there is no one way to go about it. You are the one in charge and so you have to pick your daily meal plan. Eat vegetables, fruits, all types of meats etc. and feel as though you are a caveman.  

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Ido Fishman on Paleo Diet

The fitness guru believes that there is nothing wrong with Paleo diet. For as long as you are picking natural foods for your diet, you are doing the right thing. The biggest issue arises when you have to fit this diet in your modern lifestyle. It will not be easy for you to do so. That’s because you are probably not a farmer and the world cannot go back to its roots just like that. You won’t wake up some day and see the world going through the realization of its mistakes in dietary choices. Things are going to remain the same. It is you who has to find way to continue with your new diet within all this.

So, the challenge for you would be to afford these items. Paleo diet, ironically, will be the expensive diet in today’s world because you will have to find each and everything that’s natural. When you go to the supermarket, you do not always find vegetables and fruits that have been grown naturally. The use of chemicals in their production is an indication that they can’t be picked for the paleo diet. You want to get rid of refined sugars and even the salt when you are on this diet. You can imagine how hard that would be for you. The most important part is that you will have to do it for as long as you are on the diet.

Last but not least, you will have to quit all the dairy products as well. You are saying goodbye to something that provides you with the most wholesome proteins on a daily basis. In short, replacing the commonly available foods with not-so-commonly-available foods will cost you a lot. If you are already struggling with your budget, you might not be able to go on this diet at all.

·         The Keto Diet

The idea of this diet is to lower the intake of your carbs to as little as possible, if any at all. You will be eating foods that provide you with enough energy to go about your day without consuming carbohydrates. Most importantly, the diet aims to achieve ketosis in your body, which is a process wherein your body starts consuming the fat to get energy for performing daily tasks. To know how this diet helps you, the first thing you have to understand is how your body works normally with the normal diet of today.

So, your body always needs energy to perform tasks. If you do not have any sources of energy in the body, your body will start consuming your flesh. So, you have to keep your body supplied with enough sources of energy at all times. The two main sources for the body to work are carbohydrates and fats. Unfortunately, today’s diets provide you with a lot of carbohydrates, so much so that a lot of those carbs get stored in your body. There are two key players in this entire process that are playing against you. The first is your sedentary lifestyle, which does not require much energy on a daily basis, hence the accumulation of fat in the body.

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Secondly, your body loves carbohydrates because these are the easiest compounds for your body to break into energy. If your body has a choice of compounds to obtain energy from fat or carbs, it will always choose carbs. So, here is what happens. You consume carbs, your body uses them to obtain energy, you live a sedentary lifestyle so some of them remain unused, and eventually they get stored in your body as fat. You eat carbs the next day before the body can resort to the stored fat to obtain energy. The loop continues and you keep accumulating more fat in the body.

The keto diet puts your body into ketosis by depriving it of carbohydrates. When your body does not have carbs to obtain energy, it does so by breaking down the stored fat. That’s what helps you obtain the desired energy to perform your daily tasks and lose weight simultaneously.

Ido Fishman on the Keto Diet

Ido Fishman makes it clear that no particular diet can become your lifestyle. You should be eating everything, just keep in mind the word moderation. Make moderation a trigger in your life so you can stop yourself as soon as you start eating beyond the level of moderation. The keto diet looks great on the surface, but it can cause a lot of issues with you. The first thing is that you will have a hard time keeping up with the daily schedule when you are on this diet. You have to be very picky and choosy with your foods.

You will find yourself counting carbs, proteins, fats, etc. all the time. However, eating should not be a responsibility or a process of calculation. In simple words, eating your meals should not be a job, it should be fun instead. On the other hand, eating will become a process of calculation and job for you when you are on this diet. Secondly, you will find yourself deficient of on certain nutrients when you stop eating specific foods completely. At the same time, you will find yourself irritable at the start of your diet. You will have hunger pangs to the extreme. Not to mention the nausea that comes with the transition.

The laborious job of counting carbs in your foods and creating lists of foods you can and cannot eat can cause a lot of trouble. Again, going on this diet forever is nearly impossible. Think about it; can you say goodbye to cakes, pastries, cupcakes, whipped cream, smoothies, lattes, etc. forever?

·         The Carnivore Diet

This is yet another diet that people have been crazy about in recent times. You have famous youtubers trying this diet and recommending it to their followers and subscribers. It seems as though there is a new diet every year and it has now turned into a series of diets, with new one coming in every year. The carnivore diet is pretty self-explanatory when you look at the name. You can say that this diet is more closely related to the paleo diet than it is with any other diet. At the same time, going on this diet will cause you to receive a lot of stares and frowns from the people around you.

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You already know that the world is becoming more and more ethical and moral. More and more people want to let animals live their lives. So, it can be quite difficult to go on a diet that allows you to consume only animal products. You can eat meat as much as you want and throw in some eggs when you wish to. However, you will be consuming only this during this diet. You will not consume anything that’s based on plants. Think about the diet of a cheetah or a lion – that’s exactly the type of diet you will be doing. In some way, you are mimicking our ancestors when you are on this diet.

Ido Fishman on the Carnivore Diet

Ido has a straightforward stance on this diet. He believes that eating only animal products is not enough for humans. While there is nothing severely wrong if humans start consuming only meat because they are meant to eat it. However, humans are equally meant to eat plant based diets. If you only look at your teeth, you will know that they are meant to eat meat and plants. So, picking one out of the two is not wrong but it is definitely an inferior choice compared to picking and enjoying both.

Not to mention, excess of anything is bad, and that applies to meat as well. Meat is definitely a great food but consuming it solely can be a big problem for you. For example, you will be seeing a lot of sodium being added to your diet when you go on this diet. At the same time, the proponents of this diet do not want you to pick lean meat. You can go for meat with fat, so you will be putting a lot of calories in your body. The increase of saturated fat in your body as a result of consuming only meats can result in heart diseases as well.

Final Thoughts

The only diet that is supposed to work for you, according to Ido Fishman, is the moderation diet. Yes, this is no diet so you do not have to go search for it on the internet. It is all about being moderate when you eat your foods. Moderation should be practiced with everything in life. If you are eating, exercising, sleeping, working, etc. moderately, you will see a perfect balance of everything in your life. In short, you will see moderation of everything in your life. And when there is no excess, there are no side effects either.

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