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Dr. Israel Figa Provides Tips on Keeping Your Immune System Strong

One of the most important things in fighting COVID-19 has been to keep your immune system strong. Yes, if your immune system is strong, your body can fight the disease without you even knowing it. You must have heard about people who have the disease but they are asymptomatic. Many of these people did not see any symptoms because their immune systems were so strong that they fought the Coronavirus and did not even let the body feel it. Dr. Israel Figa thinks that everyone should have such a strong immune system and that’s not an impossibility of reason at all.

So, if you have been sitting inside your home and not going out at all not only because of the lockdown but because you think your immune system is weak, you should consider a different way to tackle this problem. Listen to this advice from Dr. Israel Figa and you may be able to get your immune system in the best possible shape.

Sleep Properly

Dr. Israel Figa calls it one of the biggest blunders that people make all the time. According to him, people pay a lot of attention to exercising and eating to boost their immune systems. However, what they don’t realize is that what’s affecting their immune system the most is rest. When you don’t get enough rest, which the nature has chosen for you, you are making a huge mistake. The most important food for your immunity is the sleep you get every night. Yes, you have to get your regular sleep at night. The sleep you get during the day is not fulfilling. Instead, it can be painful as it leaves you with body cramps and a feeling of grogginess for the rest of the day.

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Have a proper sleep pattern incorporated in your lifestyle. No matter how much work you have, make sure that you close it all down at some point. Get at least six hours of sleep in every 24 hours. Proper sleep will keep your body’s clock ticking smoothly and without any problems. On the other hand, not sleeping properly will take a huge blow to your immune system no matter how health you are eating and how much you are exercising.

Eat Safe

Dr. Israel Figa has had a very unique stance on what you should be eating to keep your immunity strong and boosted. According to him, most people focus on eating a lot of healthy stuff to boost their immune systems. However, what they don’t realize is that when it comes to eating something, safety is the most important thing to consider. For example, you will see many online articles telling you that you should eat foods rich in vitamins, especially those rich in vitamin C. However, there is a problem with those lists of foods. They include foods that can instantly cause sore throat.

Once you have a sore throat, you will be in depression too. Many people, these days, go into depression as soon as they have fever or sore throat because they think they have contracted the Coronavirus. So, drink fluids, but there is no better fluid than water. If you are drinking a lot of water, make sure you do only water at normal room temperature. The meals you eat at home are already healthy. Don’t include ingredients that you think can give you a sore throat.

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Eat Healthy Foods

Dr. Israel Figa thinks that once you have understood the importance of eating safe and sleeping properly, you can then move on to know about the specific foods that can help your immune system a great deal. So, the first thing you have to know is that foods with citrus in them are the best sources of vitamin C, which is the vitamin your body needs the most for boosted immune system. So, you go for oranges, grapefruits, etc. if you want to get some vitamin C inside your body. Green veggies that people usually hate are quite good for your immune system – think broccoli.

You can also get some great immune-boosting nutrients from spinach. Herbs are a great source of giving a huge boost to your immune system. The herbs that are at the top of the list are ginger and garlic. Make them a part of your diet to stay strong.

Another vitamin that plays a huge role in keeping your immune system strong and illnesses at bay is vitamin D. However, you don’t get this vitamin easily from the foods you eat. If you want foods with vitamin D in it, you should go with yogurt. There is no better source of this vitamin other than yogurt. Again, make sure that you are using the right yogurt that has vitamin D in it and is not so sour.

Keep Moving

There is nothing better than keeping your body moving to stay strong. A huge part in our obesity and deteriorating health has been played by our modern lifestyles. We move too little. We have comfortable chairs in the offices, and there are comfortable cars to carry us from our homes to the offices. We spend an entire day sitting in the same place hurting our eyes by looking right into the computer screen. Those things are not helping your body at all. As a result, you should think about ways to keep your body moving.

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Dr. Israel Figa has pointed to the trend of standing desks in this particular case. He says that these desks allow you to work while standing as well. Of course, you can sit when you are tired of standing. In addition to that, you should consider taking small walks here and there. If your office is on the fourth floor, try taking the stairs. Choose a parking that’s a bit away from your office to park your car and walk the distance to the office.

Final Thoughts

As per Dr. Israel Figa, boosting your immune system is not just about including healthy exercises and foods in your life. A balanced life in today’s era involves not only including thing but also excluding a lot. So, include healthy foods and workouts, but don’t forget to exclude the unhealthy lifestyle and foods. Don’t eat too much sugar or hurt your body by spending all day sitting.

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