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Professor Pips Academy Review – Is Professor Pips Academy Trading Platform Legit?

Professor Pips Academy Review

Every day there is a growing number of people seeking to be part of the blockchain industry. The industry has witnessed a massive influx of traders and brokers in recent years. With the growing number of prospective traders and investors, many exchange companies have been created. These exchange companies provide a trading platform that enables traders to carry out trading activities in a competitive environment.

With several digital assets trading companies springing up in the financial market, many traders are left confused about the right broker to do business with. The issue of trust has been predominant amongst traders in the financial market because there have been many reported cases of fraud and other cyber attacks on unsuspecting individuals. Professor Pips Academy was established to help provide a haven for investors in terms of securing their investment and ensuring that they get a higher ROI. But is Professor Pips Academy a trading platform that can be trusted? Does it have the right tools and features to enable traders to generate income while trading on the platform? What exactly is Professor Pips Academy all about? Many traders have asked these questions, and we shall answer them as we progress in this review.

An Overview of Professor Pips Academy

Professor Pips Academy is an established online trading platform that was created by experienced and professional traders who possess expert knowledge in the aspect of crypto trading, risk management, and strategic thinking as regards the blockchain industry.

According to the founders, Professor Pips Academy was created to serve the interest of customers by providing them with a platform that is convenient, efficient, and reliable to churn out positive trading results. The company is established with a vision of delivering satisfaction to its extensive database of traders spread from different parts of the world.

They are said to offer a dynamic platform that integrates up to date technological advancement in its features. The exchange company also provides users with an educational center to educate traders on the current market trends in the blockchain industry. It also offers professional advice to traders to enable them to make informed trading decisions at all times.

Professor Pips Academy is poised to provide outstanding customer support for traders who may need to contact the broker for resolution of complaints, query, or provision of answers to customer’s questions. Professor Pips Academy customer support is open to traders for a twenty-four-hour period on five business days.

The company boasts of a high security alertness to protect their clients from any form of cyber-attacks or unauthorized entry into the system.

Professor Pips Academy has expressed their desire on several occasions, to provide users with an excellent trading experience that may keep them loyal to the platform.

With crypto and forex trading classes, Client Pro ensures that traders on their platform are well abreast of the happenings in the financial market so they may be able to employ the right strategy in generating income from their trade. With a highly engaging and easy to use interface, both new and experienced traders may find the trading platform straightforward, friendly, and easy to navigate.

Instruments traded on Professor Pips Academy

Several types of instruments may be traded on Professor Pips Academy. The broker believes that diversifying your trading options may provide you with a better opportunity of making profits in the financial market. You are not limited by a drop in the value of a specific asset, as you may decide to trade on other instruments. The following are the different types of instruments that may be traded on Professor Pips Academy and how you may benefit from trading these instruments on the platform.

Forex Trading

Professor Pips Academy offers traders a chance to trade on forex. Forex has a vast market, and it is regarded as the most liquid market in the industry. There are several benefits of trading forex on Professor Pips Academy. It makes available for traders both major and minor currency pairs so that traders may have a wide variety of forex trading options. Professor Pips Academy also provides traders with resource materials that may enable traders to understand and stay in tune with changes in the financial market.

With a proper update on market trends and economic policies affecting the value of different currencies, traders may be able to make the right decision and also use the appropriate strategy in carrying out trading.

The Forex trading market is regarded as an OTC or an interbank market because the market is operated electronically. By carrying out forex trading using Professor Pips Academy, traders may be able to place their trade from their homes or any convenient place at any time they like since forex trading is carried out in a twenty-four-hour window.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is another instrument that may be traded on Professor Pips Academy. Cryptocurrency trading has made many investors generate a lot of profit in recent years. Professor Pips Academy is said to offer users a platform for them to trade on Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the two most popular cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain industry. The benefit of trading on cryptocurrency on the Professor Pips Academy platform is that the broker claims to provide traders with a secure trading platform. Professor Pips Academy also promises that trader’s information is protected using advanced encryption tools. It also ensures that the system remains accessible and efficient in its performance. Crypto traders on Professor Pips Academy may also be offered educational materials to keep them updated about the trends in the cryptocurrency market.

Stock Indices

Unlike some other trading platforms that may offer just forex and cryptocurrency as the only tradable assets on their platform, Professor Pips Academy has taken digital asset trading a step further by making stocks and indices available to be traded on the exchange. The company understands the enormous potentials that abound in trading stocks, and thus it has included it as an instrument or asset.

The benefits of trading stocks via the Professor Pips Academy trading platform is that it is easy to carry out. A trader may begin trading in stocks within minutes after registering on the platform and opening an account.

Other benefits include having access to interact with experts in the industry who may give you professional advice on how to go about your trading on the platform. You may also have access to the academy and educational materials that may give you a head start on how to trade on stocks effectively.


Trading commodities have shown to be lucrative, especially for those who understand how the commodity market operates. There are primarily two types of commodities that may be traded on the Professor Pips Academy trading platform; they include the soft commodity as well as hard commodities. Traders may trade on soft commodities such as coffee, sugar, wheat, corn, etc. these commodities are climate-sensitive with a cyclical pattern of pricing.

Trading on hard commodities involves trading on diamonds, oil, precious metals, etc. with Professor Pips Academy. Traders may be able to effectively predict the price of these commodities and even carry out trading in a straightforward process. CoinPro may also provide you with an expert opinion on the best approach to take when trading either hard or soft commodities on the platform.


Shares are another instrument that you may be able to trade on Professor Pips Academy. Beginners and even experienced traders may need a platform that is capable of offering them the necessary tools required to excel in the industry. Traders may also have access to personal account managers or experts who may be of help to guide them in making critical trading decisions. You may be advised on setting a margin for stopping loss at a certain point. Professor Pips Academy provides you with a platform that may make it easy for you to buy different company’s shares at favorable prices. The exchange focuses on companies whose shares have the potential to appreciate over a given period.


Metals are similar to hard commodities because they are gotten through mining.

Traders may have access to trade on valuable metals such as palladium, silver, gold, etc. Though this market may be unstable, trading on metals via the Professor Pips Academy platform portends a lot of benefits to the trader. Trading metals on Professor Pips Academy is a great way to diversify your trade. It also provides a hedge against inflation and may be possible for you to possess the asset physically. There is also a wide variety of tradable metals on the platform that you may choose from.

Different trading platforms that may be used to access CoinPro

Several platforms may be used in accessing Professor Pips Academy. The broker is mainly concerned about how traders can have a seamless trading experience. There is also a need to accommodate traders using different devices. The following are platforms that can be used in accessing Professor Pips Academy:


Optima is a platform that is integrated to access Professor Pips Academy trading exchange. With Optima, traders may enjoy a friendly and straightforward user interface. Optima also gives traders a simplified way of navigating around the various features on the Professor Pips Academy interface. You may find this platform very efficient, especially if you are a lover of uniqueness.

Web Trader

With the Web trader platform, Professor Pips Academy makes it possible for everyone who has access to the internet to connect directly to the broker’s website. You may not be limited by compatibility as the web Trader platform ensures that you get access to trade on Professor Pips Academy using any available device that is able to connect to the internet. It is hassle-free and can be accessed from any location provided that there is strong enough internet connectivity.

Android & iOS

With the Android and iOS platform, traders using Android smartphones as well as Ios enabled devices may be able to download the Professor Pips Academy application.

Account types

There are three classes of accounts that a trader may choose to open while trading on the Professor Pips Academy platform. They include the following:

Micro Account

The Micro Account is the basic account that a trader may choose to open. The basic account is suitable for beginners or inexperienced traders. The requirement for opening a micro account is a minimum deposit of $500, which is used by the trader to carry out trading on the Professor Pips Academy platform. The owner of the micro account may also have access to trade using the optimal platform.

As a micro account holder, you may be entitled to several features that may help enhance your training performance. You may have access to a personal manager to provide you with expert advice on the best strategies to use while carrying out trading on the platform. You may have access to leverage as much as 200x to enable you to increase your stake in any trade.

The micro account also comes with a financial calendar feature to enable you to keep a tab of important financial events that may impact on the value of some instruments in the financial market. You may also have access to news feeds to keep you updated about the current trends in the financial market as well as expert analysis on critical issues discussed in the financial market. The minimum lot size available to Professor Pips Academy micro account holders is 0.1. This account gives you access to a static spread type.

Standard Account

The standard account is the next higher type of account that a trader may open before trading in the CoinPro platform. It is the most popular among the three account types. The standard account is suitable for traders who may have some background knowledge about trading in the financial market. The least amount a trader with this account may deposit is $5000. The account also comes with a static spread and a 25% welcome bonus.

Standard account owners on the CoinPro trading platform may also be entitled to leverage of 300x and a minimum slot size of 0.5. You may also have access to interact with a personal manager to guide you in making the right trading decisions. The account type gives you access to news feeds and a financial calendar to keep you updated about current market trends, financial events, and economic policies that may influence the sale of several digital assets. You may also be able to carry out trading using the Optima platform.

Premium Account

The premium account is the highest account type that a trader can open on CoinPro. The premium account is suitable for experts or professionals who understand how the market operates.

With a premium account, you may have access to leverage that may be as high as 400x, as well as a minimum slot size of 1. You may also be entitled to news feeds and a financial calendar to enable you to monitor events in the financial market.

Premium account owners may be able to carry out trading using the optimal trading platform. You may interact with a senior personal manager for more effective trading strategies. The premium account may offer you up to a 50% welcome bonus. Opening a premium account may cost you at least $50,000 which is why it is better suited for experts who understand the risk involved in depositing such huge amount as an investment capital.

How secure is the Professor Pips Academy trading platform?

The issue of security is one that every trader and investor is more concerned about because no one would want to see all their sweat disappear into thin air because of the issue of insecurity. Coine Pro claims to offer traders a high level of security for their funds as well as personal information. The company makes use of an advanced tool for encrypting user data. The registration process also incorporates a high-level of security by prompting prospective traders on the platform to verify their accounts via email verification. Stop-loss margin and a smart contract are other means of protecting traders’ investments on the Professor Pips Academy trading platform.

Tools and features of the Professor Pips Academy trading platform

Professor Pips Academy comes with several unique tools and outstanding features to create a highly efficient trading process. These high-end tools include the following:

Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is one unique tool that traders on the CoinPro trading platform may use as a guide in making critical trading decisions. It provides impending economic announcements, events, and news. Traders may be able to set up the economic calendar based on affected currencies and essential events.

Risk Management

The risk management feature available on the platform is designed to mitigate the risk involved in carrying out trading on the platform. You can set up a closing limit where trading will stop if you experience loss while carrying out trading. Risk management on Professor Pips Academy may be achieved using a guaranteed stop or trailing stop feature to protect your investment in an unfavorable trading environment.

Trading Guide

The Professor Pips Academy trading guide offers video tutorials that may be beneficial to traders in achieving success while trading on the platform. It may enable you to make use of the right strategy during trading.

Rating of Central Banks

You may find the Official interest rates of some of the major central banks in North and South America, South Africa, Europe, and Asia. The central bank data available on Professor Pips Academy includes the latest changes, amount, and dates.

Currency Converter

The currency converter offers traders live updates of currency status from different countries all over the world.

Forex Calculator

The forex calculator feature allows you to calculate the position size of a particular currency. It also shows the price at which major and minor pairs of currency are traded in the financial market.

Final thoughts

Professor Pips Academy is a trading platform that you may trust to help you generate income for trading in different assets. The features that come with this exchange company are outstanding. The registration, withdrawal as well as the process of making deposits are flexible, according to the broker. However, you should trade wisely, especially if you are a new trader in the financial market.

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